May 4, 2016

Rambla 130 Urban Spa Giveaway

Last week I decided to pamper myself and book a beauty service through Bellahora, the leading website in Spain to book beauty salons, and I decided on beautiful Rambla 130 for a nice pedicure + foot massage. Rambla 130 Urban Spa couldn't be better located, right at the heart of the city, it's on Rambla de Canaletes, 130, as its name suggests.

Once at Rambla 130, I was greeted by the owner and showed all the place {it was early in the afternoon so there was practically no one at the time and I was able to peek all around}. It was love at first sight. The most stunning room is their mani-pedi room, but they have different massage rooms and even a huge fitness room, too! I was surprised by how well curated everything was, even the bathrooms were perfect. 

I was offered a drink in the lobby while my beauty agent came to find me for my pedicure. We first decided on the color I'd be using {Essie only!}, and then off we were to enjoy the pedi and the massage which comes with an amazing exfoliant and hydrating mask. I was surprised the hubby noticed when I went back home that my feet were way for hydrated than before!

Now that you know how my experience was... comes the best part: 
I have a GIVEAWAY for you all today, {anyone who can make it to Barcelona whitin this year, that is!}. The giveaway is a full pedicure + foot massage, for a total of 50 minutes, at Rambla 130, valued at 35€.

All you need to do is head over to my Instagram @oliviaschoice, find the picture in which I'm talking about the giveaway and follow the steps there!

************************** CATALAN VERSION ************************** 

La setmana passada vaig decidir dedicar-me un temps i reservar una pedicura a través de Bellahora, el portal líder a Espanya per reserves a centres de bellesa. Al seu web vaig tenir la sort de descobrir Rambla 130, que em va enamorar només veure'n les fotos. A més, la seva localització no podria ser millor, i és que està al cor de Barcelona, a la Rambla de Canaletes, 130, com el seu nom indica.

Una vegada a Rambla 130, em va rebre la propietària i vaig tenir sort, perquè com que era un dia entre setmana a principis de tarda, no hi havia gaire gent i vaig poder veure totes les instal·lacions. L'habitació que enamora més és la de mani-pedis, però també l'entrada, la sala de fitness i fins i tot els lavabos estan cuidats fins a l'últim detall. 

Vaig demanar un tè mentre era a la bonica entrada esperant la noia que em faria la pedicura. Vam començar escollint el color d'esmalt que faríem servir, i a partir d'aquí va començar al pedicura i el massatge, que inclou exfoliant i mascareta hidratant. Em va sorprendre que quan vaig arribar a casa, el Jeff va saber, sense que jo li digués res sobre el massatge, que els meus peus es veien molt més suaus i hidratats que abans! :)

I ara que coneixeu la meva experiència... arriba el millor: 
el SORTEIG! Sortejo una sessió de pedicura + massatge per un total de 50 minuts, a Rambla 130, valorat en 35€. Busqueu la foto al meu Instagram @oliviaschoice on en parlo i seguiu els passos!

Molta sort!

April 20, 2016

Uncle & Auntie's 25th Wedding Anniversary

Last Sunday we had a lovely family get-together, after not having been all together since Liam's 100 days party! My uncle and my auntie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and it was really nice. Can you believe I remember their wedding to the detail? I was just 4.5 years old! I was the girl who brought them the wedding rings, and I remember my auntie crying of happiness :) I asked my mom why auntie was crying on such a nice day?! :p

We met to go to church at 12:30 and the Father gave a nice speech commemorating their 25th wedding anniversary. We then headed to the restaurant, El Rubell in Monistrol de Calders, which serves the yummiest catalan cuisine and I highly recommend. The only drawback is the horrible winding road you need to endure to get there! The atmosphere was more wedding-y than I had thought, with presents for the guests and other suprises I really liked! My auntie and other girls surprised my uncle with a FlashMob dance which was so cool!

Liam had a blast playing in the terrace, the weather was amazing and he was oh-so cute with his shorts and elastics! :)

To my dismay, I realized we didn't take any family-of-3 pic, and Jeff was SUPER handsome in his suit. Awwwww :( Anyway, here is a pic with my cousin instead :p


April 8, 2016

One Day Getaway from Barcelona: Banyoles + Besalú

The hubby had been asking me to go on a Sunday getaway for the whole winter, but being it so cold, who would want to go out anywhere for the whole day?? So when the weather got all spring-like we knew it was our chance! 

And so we on a 1-day getaway we went! It was the hubby who chose the location this time, and it was Banyoles, a town an hour and a half away from Barcelona. 

The most typical thing in Banyoles is its huge natural lake. Lots of water sports take place in it, and going on a stroll or riding around it is absolutely wonderful. 

We rented a couple bikes, one of which had a cute chair for Liam at the front. Honestly, I had never seen a baby chair like this one. All the ones I had ever seen were at the back, and we loved this one! Liam had a blast being able to see everything and getting a hold of the handlebar! 

During our ride around the lake, I accidentally saw a road sign to Besalú at just 7km away! Besalú is one of my favorite medieval towns ever, it's absolutely gorgeous. 

I didn't know we were that close, and of course after lunch off we went to Besalú! I did a video too and hopefully I can upload it on my YouTube channel soon :)

I would love it if you guys want to leave some 1-day or weekend getaway trip ideas (from Barcelona!) below in the comments! =)

March 13, 2016

London 2016

This was my third time in London, and undoubtedly the best. The hubby and I traveled by yourselves without Liam or other family members after not having done so since our honeymoon a couple years ago. It felt like a second honeymoon to me! It was also a magnificent break from all the frenzy we've been going through lately, as if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have seen we just opened our shoe stores in Barcelona, and this has had a great deal of work behind. 

I was extremely happy we got to meet up with my BFF Soraya and her boyfriend, who currently live in Cambridge and came all the way to London on Sunday to spend an afternoon with us. I can't wait to show you all about it in the YouTube video I'm editing.

One of the things I was most looking forward to for this trip was visiting Maitre Choux in South Kensington, an amazing eclairs shop {by a Spanish maitre actually!} that I couldn't wait to try! We tried two and all I can say is they're not only the prettiest I've ever seen, they're also the yummiest. Good job! I absolutely loved them.

The highlight of this trip, and the reason why Liam didn't come with us, was going to the theatre to watch Billy Elliot. It was unbeatable! I hadn't been to the theatre for a while {mommy's life!} and I had the best time!!! I highly recommend it.

I was impressed at the beauty of London's Chinatown. I had never been and I thought it was so cool! Not only the location itself, but the food, made our mouth {the hubby's specially} all watery!

For one of our dinners we went to Burger&Lobster, a restaurant in which they only serve 3 dishes, and so there is not even a menu. You can have a lobster (grilled or steamed), a lobster roll, or a burger. Each costs 20 pounds, which is pretty expensive but we did enjoy it a lot! I had the lobster roll and I must say it was way better than Luke's in Tokyo, way more expensive too, of course!

Our hotel was perfectly located in Piccadilly Circus (The Z hotel Piccadilly, highly recommended), and so Covent Garden was just 5 minutes walking distance, hence is where we had lunch the first day, in this really cosy place called Chez Antoinette, which is owned by a French girl and we were delighted to have stumbled upon.

We did some touristy stuff on our last day before heading back to Barcelona, it's always nice to see London's main attractions again.

And last but not least, we went to Sketch for afternoon tea! Sketch is an insane restaurant in the heart of the city, one of the most beautiful restaurants I've ever seen. Their Gallery Room, where we had our afternoon tea, is all pink and gorgeous and dreamy and and and I totally loved it!!!! The light was not the best at that time for pictures, but believe me, it's a girl's dream. The egg shaped toilets were another mind-blowing experience, whoever could have thought of that?! There's more of this in the video too, I can't wait to have the time to finish editing it!

We all know how London's weather is, so it did rain a bit indeed, but overall it was better than my expectations, and not too cold either. Such a lovely trip, I can't wait for another one :)

February 18, 2016

Via Tokyo - Green Tea Desserts in Hong Kong

Don't you even think for a second that I'm done blogging about all the afternoon teas and sweet treats I had in Hong Kong! In fact, I still have a traditional afternoon tea {the only one I had this time around} review pending.

Today's post is all about green tea again, this time at Via Tokyo, another hype in Hong Kong that doesn't seem likely to fade anytime soon. We visited their newest branch, in Tsim Sha Tsui, since less people knew about it and the chance of avoiding the queue was higher than in their original location in Causeway Bay. And... we didn't have to queue indeed and got a table for 5 people + a stroller, how cool is that? :)

I was meeting my friend Daisy who was at the very end of her pregnancy {the baby is born already!}, her husband, my husband :D and our friend KC. The five of us devoured five different desserts that we shared, and I absolutely loved it because it gave me the chance to try so many things! Indeed, when you know you only have that ONE chance to go a place you've been dying to try for a while, you're faced with the horrible responsibility of choosing one single item from the mouth-watering menu. Sharing 5 desserts was AWESOME!

I had really high expectations for this place and I think the reality was not up to it. I've only ever tried a green tea cheesecake once before, at Teakha, {which I blogged about} and totally fell in love with it. This one though, was not nearly as cheesy, more mousse-y, so not that great. The parfait was good, no arguing about that, as was the mille-feuilles. The two soft serves though were in my point of view disappointing. Way too sweet and the matcha one not matcha-y enough. The one from Shatin's Sweet House Cha Cha is way better on my opinion.

Have you been to Via Tokyo and felt just like I did or is it just me?!

Visited on: December 25th, 2015
Overall Quality: 4*
Price: pricey at around HK$60 for a dessert.
Value for Money: 4*
Would I recommend it? I do, but it's definitely not my fave.

Via Tokyo
G/F, 29A Cameron Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 2385 6388